Precautions During Installing Series Reactors

series reactor

Series reactors are primarily employed for current limitation and impedance enhancement. Some of the functions they serve include current limiting and neutral/earthing as well as motor starting and arc furnace series reactors. They can also be used in a duplex reactor configuration. Below we have discussed what are the precautions to be taken during the installation of a series reactor.

  1. When installing a series reactor, the wiring method of each series reactor can preferably be connected to the busbar with a separate flexible wire of the students. Do not use a hard busbar for connection to prevent the damage to the enterprise series reactor bushing caused by the assembly stress analysis. , oil leakage caused by damage to the seal. 
  2. Any lousy contact in the circuit of the series reactor may cause high-frequency oscillating arcs, which will increase the working electric field strength of the series reactor and cause early damage due to heat generation. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good contact between the electrical circuit and the grounding part during installation. 
  3. When low-voltage level series reactors are connected with high-voltage level series grids, insulators equal to the working voltage level should be installed to ensure reliable insulation of the shells of each reactor.
  4. The series reactor is used for higher rated voltage after star connection. When the neutral point is not grounded, the shell of the series reactor should be insulated from the ground.
  5. Before the installation of the series reactor, the primary capacitance should be allocated to balance the phases, and the deviation should not exceed 5% of the total capacity. When the relay protection control device is installed, it should also fully meet the requirements that the balance of the system during operation and that the current generation error does not exceed the operating current of the relay protection technology. 

For the connection of the independent compensation series reactor, it should be noted that for the asynchronous motor started directly or through the varistor, the capacitor with increased power factor can be directly connected to the outlet terminal of the motor, and no switchgear or fuse is installed between the two.

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