Smart Grid

Demand Response

Energy demand fluctuates throughout the day which impacts energy prices and costs you money, utilities must always have enough energy supply to accommodate consumer energy demand. Now imagine a really hot day when everyone turns their A. C. At the same time energy demand spikes, the grid gets stressed and electricity prices go up when …

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Power System State Estimation

Power system state estimation is still a new branch of electrical power engineering, aged approximately three decades. Various research has been happening on this topic, but if I have to take a textbook to get a sound understanding, I would definitely take the book written by Dr. Ali Abur. It is concise and written in …

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Smart Grid Technology: An Overview

The smart grid is a new technology that changes the way electricity is produced, delivered, and consumed. It’s the next step in the evolution of the electricity grid. The smart grid is a combination of the traditional grid and information technology. The conventional grid transfers electricity from power plants to consumers, and it’s based on …

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