Electrical Transformer

Transformer Fault Current

Transformer Fault Current: What It Is and How to Calculate it?

To determine the transformer fault current we need to talk about one very important transformer parameter shoirt circuit impedence of a transformer. The meaning of short-circuit impedance The short-circuit impedance of the transformer is more often called the impedance voltage, and the symbol is Uk%.The measurement method of impedance voltage is to short-circuit the low-voltage

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Buchholz relay

All About Buchholz Relay

What is Buchholz Relay The Buchholz relay is a gas-actuated device that is used to protect against faults in transformers. Buchholz, the inventor of this relay, had originally designed it for incipient faults. This device can be located in the pipe connecting the conservator to the main tank and will give an alarm if there

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Three Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformers Basics

A three-phase transformer is used to generate and transmit a large amount of power. Three-phase step up and step down transformers are basically used in various fields in the power system network. A transformer can be formed by joining three separate single-phase winding in a suitable way. Such an arrangement is called 3-phase bank of

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