Amps to Kilowatts Calculator

During electrical power calculation, typically we use the normal calculator, in which sometimes we make mistakes during ac power calculations. Ac power consists of a power factor which we have to take into consideration. Again for three phase we have consider root 3 facor. This simple calculator will reduce the possibility of making an error during the three phase ac power calculation.

Amps to Kilowatts Calculator



DC Power is a product of current (A) and voltage (V). As we want the power to be in KW we divide the multiplication of current and voltage by 1000.

P(kW) = I(A)× V(V) / 1000

For single phase AC power we have to consider the power factor.

P(kW) = PF × I(A)× V(V) / 1000

For three-phase AC power we have to multiply the square root of 3 with the power factor and line current (=phase current in star configuration) and the line-to-line voltage (VL-L ).

P(kW) = 3 × PF × I(A)× VL-L (V) / 1000

But if we know only the single phase voltage of the three phase system, we can calculate the power by the following formula. Here single phase voltage is called as line-to-neutral voltage or phase-to-neutral voltage.

P(kW) = 3 × PF × I(A)× VL-N (V) / 1000

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