Internet of Things

Brief Idea on Internet of Things (IoT): Technology, Applications, and Future Trends

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to objects in the physical world equipped with an IP address allowing devices to communicate wirelessly to collect and exchange data. The Internet of Things has become an integral part of our lives as we can connect with the Internet even if we’re away from home or office. However, …

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IDMT Relay Tripping Time Calculator

Inverse definite minimum time (IDMT) relay is a form of overcurrent relay that operates in inverse time fashion with the current in the protection system. Basically, with the change in the peak value of the current, the time required for the relay to perform is decreased. The measurement of operating time starts immediately when the …

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Amps to Kilowatts Converter

During electrical power calculation, typically we use the normal calculator, in which sometimes we make mistakes during ac power calculations. Ac power consists of a power factor which we have to take into consideration. Again for three phase we have consider root 3 facor. This simple calculator will reduce the possibility of making an error …

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thermal overload relays

Why is both RTD temperature and thermal overload protection needed?

Although both methods give protection against overload and thermal rise, both have their own pros and cons. Especially with the important objects, both methods are used because they complement each other. RTD basics We know metal has the property of varying resistivity with respect to temperature. This relationship is linear for some metals, over wide temperature …

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Buchholz relay

All About Buchholz Relay

What is Buchholz Relay The Buchholz relay is a gas-actuated device that is used to protect against faults in transformers. Buchholz, the inventor of this relay, had originally designed it for incipient faults. This device can be located in the pipe connecting the conservator to the main tank and will give an alarm if there …

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All About Induction Machines

Introduction Induction machines, also called asynchronous machines, can be used as generators or motors. Induction machines can be either of one or three-phase construction. The following discussion focuses on the three-phase machines and their properties. The maximum of the applications for three-phase induction machines is with power ranges varying from a few kilowatts to a …

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Three Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformers Basics

A three-phase transformer is used to generate and transmit a large amount of power. Three-phase step up and step down transformers are basically used in various fields in the power system network. A transformer can be formed by joining three separate single-phase winding in a suitable way. Such an arrangement is called 3-phase bank of …

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