Current trends in Cybersecurity

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As internet users continue to increase annually, the potential attack surface for hackers also rises. To keep ahead of the curve, it is essential to understand the most recent cybersecurity developments.

The rising use of artificial intelligence (AI) by both attackers and defenders is one of the most notable trends. AI can be used to automate operations such as discovering vulnerabilities and viruses, launching and defending against attacks, and initiating and launching attacks.

Another significant development is the continuous expansion of the “internet of things” (IoT). Due to a lack of security safeguards, IoT devices are typically easier to hack than traditional computers. This makes them a desirable target for attackers, who can exploit them to acquire sensitive data or launch attacks on other devices.

Lastly, phishing assaults are becoming more targeted and intelligent. To convince victims to click on dangerous links or open infected attachments, attackers utilize highly tailored information. As attackers become more skilled at employing social engineering techniques, this tendency will continue.

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